Okanagan Wind

InstarAGF developed and operates two wind power projects in British Columbia’s Okanagan region totaling 30 megawatts of installed renewable energy capacity.

The two projects have been awarded 40-year electricity purchase agreements by BC Hydro, a creditworthy government agency.  Experienced construction and equipment providers were engaged under fixed-price contracts to construct and deliver the projects, which achieved commercial operations in early 2017.  The facilities generate approximately 100,000 megawatt hours of clean electricity annually, enough to power the equivalent of approximately 9,000 homes.

Notably, the projects have entered into Impact Benefit Agreements with local First Nation communities to provide access to job opportunities, annual benefit payments to the community, funds to support scholarships and continuing roles through the operations of the projects.  

Our wind projects establish a footprint for InstarAGF in British Columbia’s attractive renewable energy market, where favourable policies and growing electricity export opportunities to the U.S., among other drivers, suggest positive long-term dynamics and additional growth opportunities.